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Virtual Number

Handle any call volume and track all customer calls with a virtual number. Also,get detailed reports of your business calls. A virtual number comes along with an IVR that helps you map departments and agents using extensions.

Change the way you communicate with your customers

Call distribution

Map several numbers at the backend of your virtual number. Connect calls to multiple agents to resolve call queries and help your organization to be responsive. Distribute your business calls to various agents as per the callers' requirement. Set a distinct extension number for your agents attending calls to connect your customers to the concerned agent directly.

money Back
money Back

Marketing RoI

Display a virtual number in all your campaigns to track and analyze which marketing channel worked best for you. Measure the success of your campaigns by viewing the call responses of your subscribers. Understand the RoI of all your campaigns by analysing the monthly and weekly reports of your call volume.

Scale as your business needs

All your business phone numbers can be mapped at the backend of your virtual number. So, whenever a customer calls on that number, the call is forwarded to any of your business phone numbers mapped at the backend depending on the requirement. As your business grows, you can add phone numbers at the backend of a virtual number.

  • Tracks calls never to miss
  • Routes calls to right departments
  • Uplifts reachability with mapping

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